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    Yalova Sütlüsü

    Dough prepared with coconut water, milk and vanilla. The dessert includes coconut and nuts. It is prepared by soaking dough with milk, sugar and vanilla. It is served with fruits after cooling.

    Termal Sarma

    Finely pounded steaks are stuffed with sauteed onions and mushrooms and wrapped. The wraps are fried with margarine in a non-stick pan and then sauced. It is served with potato croquettes or spaghetti with tomato sauce in butter.

    Termal Dessert

    Pancake rolls filled with peanut and apple marmalade are served with sour cherry jam and starch sauce.

    Termal Soup

    A soup with flour which includes potatoes, carrots, celery, peas, dill, garlic. It is served after being seasoned with flour, yoghurt and egg yolk.

    Ispanaklı Yalova Böreği

    Spinach, cheese, yoghurt, egg, black pepper, salt, sugar and oil filling are wrapped just like in spring rolls. It is cooked after sprinkling oil and milk on it and served hot.

    Kaburga Dolması

    Onions are roasted with meat and then peanuts, rice, salt, black pepper and allspice are added and it is cooked in water. After the ribs are rubbed with salt and pepper, it is filled with rice prepared beforehand and the part that remained open is sewn shut. First, it is cooked on the stove until the meats get soft and then kept in the oven until it is roasted. It is sliced ​​with a knife and served with ayran.

    Yumurta Dolması

    The yolks of boiled eggs are kneaded with soaked and drained stale bread, parsley, salt and black pepper. The dough prepared is put on the egg whites again, covered with scrambled eggs and fried. It is served with green salad.

    Tavuklu Mantı

    A dough is kneaded with flour, water and salt. Onion is fried with finely chopped giblets. It is cooked with some water by adding rice, tomato paste, salt and black pepper. The thinly opened dough is divided into squares of 3 centimeters and the roasted dough is added to the prepared squares and they are closed. They are put in a tray slightly covered with oil. Chicken stock is added when cooking. It is served on chicken meat.

    Fork Dessert (Cennet Küngü)

    The dough is kneaded until the correct texture. It is left to sit for 20 minutes under a damp cloth. It is rolled with a rolling pin into an average thickness and cut into long strips. One end is attached to the fork and fried in hot oil. As it fries, the fork is turned to make sure that it gets a spiral shape. As soon as the frying is complete, it is immediately dipped in cool syrup and served with crushed walnuts sprinkled in the center.

    Okra with Sour Köfte

    Minced meat, rice, salt, pepper and grated onion are kneaded. Small pieces are taken and formed into the shape of a marble. They are floured. On the other side, oil, one finely chopped onion is roasted in a pot and tomato paste and 3 glasses of hot water are added. Okra, which has been left in vinegar and water for some time beforehand is filtered and added to the boiling pot. When it starts to boil, meatballs are added and the cooking process is completed.

    Kaçamak (Corn Porridge)

    Corn flour is poured into the middle of boiling water, without spreading, and cooked until it gets the texture of halvah and is placed on a plate. Tomato paste, cheese and chili peppers are added and it is served hot. It can also be served with butter and molasses.

    Yalova Kebab with Puff Pastry

    Boneless lamb meat is sliced julienne style. It is sauteed in a non-stick pan without oil. Butter is added when the meat boils down.  Julienned onion, pepper and tomato are also added to the meat. Other ingredients are added and it is cooked on low heat.

    Puff pastry is rolled out in the form of a round plate, and baked in the oven after curling the edges. After the pastry is cooked, it is placed on a serving plate and the sautéed kebab is put onto the puff pastry, sprinkled with cheddar and served.