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  • 10 vibes for Yalova

    like locals

    The Walking Mansion was built by the sea. You can have breakfast in the mansion's cafeteria and enjoy starting the day with a sea view. After breakfast, you can take a walk in the garden of the mansion and take a souvenir photo.

    Yalova has a coastline of 38 kilometers. Accompanied by sea air, you can spend time on the Yalova coastline either by bike or on foot.

    Yalova Sütlüsü and Termal Sarma are some of the local tastes special to Yalova. We strongly recommend you to taste these flavors.

    Awarded by the International Society of Dendrology in 2004, the Karaca Arboretum is an area hosting 7,000 different plant species.

    Hasan Baba Recreation Area is located in the Çınarcık district of Yalova. The recreation area is a natural recreation area covered with oak, chestnut and linden trees and has a sea view. In the area, there is also a restaurant serving food and beverages.

    Yalova City Forest, Dipsiz Lake and Erikli Waterfall are among the natural beauties worth seeing.

    Karlık Plateau and Erikli Plateau are among the areas where you can spend time alone with nature as they are natural camping areas and are at an altitude of about 1 kilometer.

    At the Kurşunlu Bath, you can relax with a massage therapy that witnessed the Roman period, and you can see the historical reliefs on the walls of the bath.

    Höyüktepe is one of the unique beauties of Yalova as it offers both sea and lake views. İznik Lake is seen in the east and the Marmara Sea in the west from the summit.

    Being Türkiye's most regular and advanced spa area, Termal Hot Springs are located in the center of Yalova's Termal district. According to researches, Termal Hot Springs, known to have emerged as a result of a major earthquake in 2000 B.C.E, have been named Pythia Therma (power and power baths in Pythia) since the 6th century.